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THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY RIGHT: "stress tends to stiffen, and dehydrate, our fascia, or connective tissue, causing movement restrictions, postural issues, and pain. In turn, chronic stress can cause holding patterns and fascia structures to become permanently problematic." I can feel this in my body when I get stressed. I tighten. I can see also how this can create heart attacks and strokes - all kinds of illnesses. One thing: awareness, doing some slow-down breathing, and only getting back to doing when I've lowered the stress by a lot. Getting stuff done may be very important. Doing it without tightening is even more important.

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Thanks, Gary. Our current world seems designed to keep us in stress and so, in poor health!

I would add that a 20 minute walk in nature can reduce stress by 60%. (Forget where I read that.)


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I've have been reading the ray peat forums and they have determined that serotonin and estrogen are negative, like you mentioned with serotonin affecting the fascia.

( https://raypeatforum.com/community/ follow Haidut posts)

It's crazy how the brainwashed medical research still promotes serotonin as the good thing, when in fact it reduces metabolism and is connected to hibernation / learned helplessness and other negative survival mechanisms.

The summary of supplements to help mitigate serotonin and estrogen and eventually help reset the imbalances (from what I've gathered in the ray peat forum)

For serotonin reduction:



-benadryl (diphenhydramine)

For estrogen:


-dhea / pregnenolone

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Over the summer, I started paying more attention to the connection between emotional tension and tension in the fascia, so I was delighted to come across this article. Have you heard of Yin Yoga before, Gary? The long-held poses are designed to help release tension in the fascia, thereby releasing stored emotional tension. Such a simple yet powerful addition to one's wellness routine!

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Mucuna Pruriens, dopamine and snake venom.

Gary this comment is a bit off centre for your article but not for your entire study on brain chemicals.

I just listened to an interview from Brian Ardis about the venoms he believes are behind the "covid" crisis. And he mentioned Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet bean) as a neutralising agent for snake and other venoms. So I ran a search on "Mucuna Pruriens snake venom" which returned a number of scientific articles on using the bean to treat actual real life snake bites. Now I don't know what snake bite has to do with Parkinson's or FMS, but there is no doubt that my post fibromyalgic and long covid body is responding to Mucuna Pruriens. I have not taken it consistently yet as I am taking far too much other stuff already, but having listened to Brian Ardis, I think I will prioritise it. He mentions it towards the end of this interview.


I also read this article which explains Mucuna Pruriens and its impact on dopamine very simply. I thought it was a good resource, particularly as it contains a protocol for repairing the brain damage done by covid that I think might be worth following. The only item on it I am not already taking is iodine, but I may not be getting the balance of the other items right so I intend to check them all through. I am also concerned that he is recommending a dose of apricot kernels that is far far too high, so I will stick to the tried and true (for treating cancer) of 5 kernels a day (apricot kernels are seriously anti-parasitic).


And I don't know what all this has to do with stress hormones, which are clearly at the base of most illness, but it can't hurt to neutralize deadly toxins and support dopamine production as well.

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Brilliant. thank you for the videos. I’ve been captivated by fascia for a while now and think fascia must be connected to something important yet unseen that modern science is hiding like conspiracy

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