Interesting stuff, Gary

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Thank you Gary....a very interesting read

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After years of trial and error with various doctors and meds for POTS I was prescribed a low dose of florinef by an electrophysiologist. It was life changing. He prescribed it to retain salt but after research I found out it is also used for adrenal issues. It has been a game changer for me! My hope is to continue to heal and eventually get off of it. Great article.

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Gary, it's brilliant how you decided to lay out this series.

i never "needed" all that "research" for what i intuitively knew and felt - but most people do - and this will clarify so much for them.

"Everything is neurological"; trauma underlies all chronic conditions; and it's all about ANS balance. We so agree!

i've loved learning more about dopamine too - i never gave it nearly this much thought

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I see this 💯 in my daughter - diagnosed with all ..HEDS, gastroperesis, migraines POTS, iron deficiency, chronic pain, fatigue , chronic constipation, anxiety , etc. We see the adrenaline surges - we identify the stressors and how it all impacts the cycle . Interestingly enough .. started Low Dose Naltrexone. Which increases dopamine

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Gary, i so agree with you, on all counts. Also, since no internet at home (NO WAY JOSE!) it takes longer to get through our posts.

If anyone wants to know about EDS, i am the one to ask - because my education took 35 solo years of decoding my own neurologically-hyper-activated system and chronic dislocation injuries. (diagnosed at age 20 with typical hysteria and mentalizing maladies/ left the medical system then ince and for all!)

Everything i learned and logged (in my own body) was confirmed by my own research then, finally, once i had it figured out. NOBODY knows about this issue, but hypermobile EDS (hEDS) is agonizing and chronically limiting. i've only been able to write a little about it, because - well - it's always too close to home.

ELECTROSENSITIVITY, and all other subtle awarenesses, peak in this nervous system type.

True canaries...

BOY DO I KNOW FASCIA, every bit of it, esp the density/intensity/connectivity of its neural webwork...

ok, all for today. i will comb your links in parts, since i will be reading offline the rest of the day.

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I hear your Parkinson's.... I am autistic with EDS that was diagnosed in my 40's after an adverse antibiotic reaction. It seems that my body doesn't produce the right amount of progesterone in order to counter the estrogen. I am fortunate to not have needed surgery (like the other females in my family) because I supplement progesterone. If progesterone is too low, then active T4 does not convert to active T3, so hypothyroidism ensures. And so many dislocations, and lack of dopamine symptoms, like anhedonia and ocd stuff.

The only reason I was able to recover some function is due to the amount of progesterone that I supplement, and the amount of dopamine enhancers like l-tyrosine, etc. I finely found some information about progesterone supplementing... basically increase amount until the symptoms are less or stop. What set me on this journey was finding an official document about hormone modulation for EDS. Different symptoms required different tactics. Except that I can't find this article anymore.

Thank you for your work.

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Thanks to both you and Lilian for raising awareness how all this is connected and for providing viable solutions. Allopathic medicine might never catch up, but perhaps people will learn where to seek appropriate care.

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You've landed in the same place as me with my FMS gone mad and insulin resistance. Strangely, I was also "double jointed" in some joints as a child, and still have some joints that hyper-extend (although I am not long and lean). So these are all fitting into a big picture, and all roads seem to lead to stress hormones. I have not yet wrapped my head around when we produce adrenaline in our brains and when we produce adrenaline and cortisol from the adrenal glands. I am presuming only the adrenaline (epinephrine) produced in the brain steals the dopamine. Do you have links to medical articles on this? Obviously this is my next area of research.

(As a PS, concentrated velvet bean has improved my FMS and long covid stiffness and pain enormously.)

Currently I am working on reducing cortisol levels (not adrenaline I think) with this Huberman breathing exercise.


And I have tested whether it works using this little test. It does.


Now how much use this is downstream I am yet to discover, but it seems to be a good start. And did you know that tears actually carry cortisol out of the body? Seems like they are a good idea for stress release also although less easy to manage than the breathing exercise.

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Thank you for sharing all this great information @Gary ❤️

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Along different but similar lines, I have long thought that if steroids are the treatment for so many different diseases -most autoimmune conditions, Inflammatory bowel disease, Rheumatoid, etc, surely they must share the same cause...

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