I am wowed by what you found. I asked myself if a recent disgust episode happened because my brain starting going into a heat stroke relapse. I wrote to my eye clinic doctor about it but they had no reply on that matter when they answered my email. Then here we are less than 24 hours later and you write this!! Just plain wow, and many thousand thanks!

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The nocebo effect is very important. Masks were a big part of this, creating the fear of infection.

Here's a good short clip on the effect from a show I used to watch.


Here's more of those kind of clips in the same show that deal with other mental tricks that we play on ourselves.


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Very interesting. I'm thinking of something somewhat different, but likely related. I'm thinking of someone - and now a couple of other people are coming to mind - who have what I consider quite an extreme disgust response. This is disgusting. That is disgusting. Okay, I think, it's not pleasant. But disgusting?? And even, very highly disgusting?? I also think of people who, with a past with much trauma, become clean freaks - "you can eat off the floor at her place." Is this to ward off disgust about something else?

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Absolutely fascinating, Gary! I had read some in the past about this disgust reflex when it comes to sick people outside one’s immediate family. The reason I searched it out back then was in response to a dystopian fiction book I read where the evil creatures (I guess that’s what one would call them) would not attack and kill people who had some sort of terminal illness, even if the person himself had no idea he was sick. I guess it wasn’t really disgust on the part of these creatures in the story because it was as if they didn’t even SEE the sick people. Anyway, that prompted me to research whether there was anything like this in real life. Of course, I only read about it minimally because I just had a burning curiosity to know if the story’s premise were even remotely possible.

I did NOT know about the psychological aspect of this. I experienced some trauma at the hands of a very bad person at one time, but I honestly don’t remember having that flag and freeze reaction. I wonder if I am just blocking that memory? Anyway, it’s probably not important.

Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance and work with us.

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Fascinating article!

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