Wow! I knew there was something missing about our understanding of the human body. Now I know it is the fascia connecting system. This is an important step in correcting the reductive perspective of science and medicine towards the human body. The body is a whole with many interconnected and interrelated parts.

Just this week I was party to a conversation, spawned by an anecdote about the place of music in the therapeutic treatment of dementia patients, of how we remember the words to songs from our childhood and adolescence, because the memories of those tunes are embodied memories. The reductive nature of modern science would search for that memory in some part of the brain, when it is really an experience formed in our body.

I watched a video yesterday of a woman who must be in her late 80s or 90s, telling of her learning to the dance the jiggerbug as a teenager, and how that dance camed to be called The Shag all across the college campuses of the Southeast during the 50s and 60s. A rhythm and blues tune came on and she was that cute coed dancing like she did a life time ago. And I was there with her.

Last comment, what the fascia connective picture points toward is the growing importance of understanding the nature of networks. It is a particular interest of mine. In this instance, fascia can serve as a metaphorical understanding of how our human connections are not random or mechanistic, but embodied as a whole society connected together. By this image, I think we can see how an lab error in one part of the world can impact the whole world virtually over night.

Thanks Gary, great review.

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Fabulous to learn more about the fascia - I heard about them maybe 20 years ago, but never explored deeply. The course - it sounds excellent, fascinating. I'm taking 2 other courses at present. I think better to wait with this one until the new year!

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Outstanding! Thank you for this. I have felt a long time that fascia is quite possibly the largest problem I face in my chronic pain. This is definitely prompting me to explore this and its therapies further. Excellent Gary!

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Nov 13, 2022Liked by Gary Sharpe

Fascinating, to say the least. I live with chronic pain and I have a better understanding of the fascia connecting system, a topic that is not covered by Pain Management clinics. Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

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Thank you, Gary Sharpe!

All I could think of was Dr. Jerry Tennant

Fascia- One of the factors of low voltage?


"Secondly, we look for scars. Remember, surrounding all of our muscles is a stocking of fascia, that’s our body’s wiring system, so if you have a scar that intersects that, it’s a problem. Fascia allows electrons to flow through easily, but if you put a scar or a tattoo on it, the electrons can’t go anyplace because the wiring system has been damaged by the scar or tattoos."

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I'm a big fan of Stu McGill and he stresses the importance of understanding the role of fascia regularly. In PT school they emphasize that modalities don't really have an effect on this tissue because it is so resilient, but with everything being connected, I can imagine how resting muscle tone could "pull" on fascia and exert influence on distant body regions due to these connections. I'll pick this book up and give it a read, I think it'll probably have some significant clinical applications and you endorsement of the methods in having a substantial effect on your own symptoms makes me especially interested, thanks!

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Hi Gary Sharpe,   

 I am sending your comment about light and fascia to Vie Light to see if they will respond.   

  Also, have you seen this just posted comment by Jessica Rose on Walter Chesnut's Substack?


"' .....How many people look like they are succumbing to acute onset Parkinson's. Could this be linked to a mutation in the ATP1A3 gene? Could this mutation be induced? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6172332/ This is one of rarest autosomal dominant disorders there is. The fact that it appears common is very alarming."

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More Fascia....

I hunted and found my old Healing is Voltage book (Third Edition), by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

As we know,  fascia surrounds each muscle. 

"A sheath or cable made of fibrous tissue is called fascia.  Fascia interpenetrates and surrounds muscles, bones, organ,s nerves, blood vessels, and other structure.s  Fasica is an uninterrupted three-dimensional web of tissue that extends from head to toe, from front to back, from interior to exterior."

Dr Tennant added, "The fascias of the body are semiconductors , diodes, transistors, and microprocessors."

On page 131, Dr. Tennant, alluding to  the research of Dr. Langevin ascribes the "the acupuncture system to be essentially the fascial planes of the body".

Further, "Remember that the fascia are made of fibrous tissue  Remember also that fibrous tissue has the least resistance to the flow of electrons through the body.  Remember also that this tissue is an electronic semiconductor, diode, etc.

In the (depicted) graphic, you can see the cross section of the arm.  You can also see the classical drawings for the lung and large intestine meridians.  You can see in the cross-section the fascial wires in the arm that are at the fibrous wires known as the lung and large intestine meridians."

At one point, Dr. Tennant laments that surgeons are unaware of the serious problems posed by scars on "the normal flow of electrons to organs via the acupuncture system of fascia".  Page 142.

Wouldn't it be really cool to consult with Dr. Tennant?  Is that at all feasible?

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